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Ferrari driving course: get more mileage out of your stay

Hearing the enthusiastic revving of the engine reaching its limits, executing a perfect curve, dominating the reactions of the chassis in the Ferrari Challenge, are all parts of the priceless inebriating experience of racing in a Ferrari, which you can try with one of our special packages, either the individual or business pack, all organized by the Hotel Teco in Milan: a prestigious initiative in collaboration with Rossocorsa, a licensed Ferrari dealership, which includes a fantastic trip to the track with competition Ferraris: Challenge F360 and F430.

An exciting challenge to improve your skills in racing on the track, accompanied by Ferrari driversinstructors on a day that includes classroom instruction, track sessions with the Ferrari Challenge F360 and F430, a complimentary copy of the video of your Test Drive and certificate of participation. Free Ferrari souvenir, drinks and lunch included in the package.

Dedicated to lovers of the adrenaline produced from the track and Ferraris and those who appreciate the great amenities and services that the Hotel Teco of Milan puts at your disposal!

Hotel Vittoria Milano

Please contact us for details and full program itinerary!

Tel. +39 02 29510028